Frequently Asked Questions
As a courtesy to our web audience, we offer some commonly asked legal questions. The following is not to be interpreted as legal advice with respect to any particular situation.

Question: When I am buying property, why should I use a legal advisor?
Answer: Your lawyer will review the agreement to purchase before it is signed to make sure that contains the necessary clauses for your protection. Example, subject to approval from financeer or subject to water test (for rural properties).

The lawyer should also prepare the mortgage documents, meet with you at closing to review adjustments (adjustments in the mortgage for taxes, fuel, rent or other variables).

Finally, your lawyer will certify title to the property you purchased after the transaction is complete. This means that there won't be any outstanding debts or incubrances against the property when you buy it.

Question: Why involve a lawyer in my divorce or separation?
Answer: If a separation occurs a lawyer will assist with respect to a custody application or division of assets.

Question: Why involve a lawyer in writing my will?
Answer: A lawyer checks to determine what assets you have and what family obligations exist with respect to those assets. A family obligation is a requirement to maintain a minor child or another dependant.

A lawyer is also informed of the statuatory requirements for making the will in the Province of Nova Scotia. These requirements change periodically.

Question: I've been served with a notice from my municipal council that I have been found in violation of a town bylaw. How can a lawyer help me?
Answer: A lawyer will review the bylaw in question and determine whether you have a valid defense.

If you have a question that we can help with, please send us a note. Thank you for visiting.

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