Our Preferred Areas of Practice
Roddam & MacDonald can help you along the path of buying a house from before you sign a purchase of sale to after property ownership is actually transferred.

If you're selling a home, you need to time the sale properly, price the home accurately and understand the laws (such as disclosure requirements) that cover house transactions. Roddam & MacDonald can help.

Family Law:
Roddam & MacDonald can help with issues relating to the family including maintenance, custody/access, family violence between spouses or between parent and child and child protection matters.

All children deserve an environment that's safe and sane -- whether at home, at play, or at school. Roddam & MacDonald can help you with adoption, guardianship, custody and child support.

Child support is almost always a difficult subject for parents to address when they split up. If you're trying to establish, change or enforce a child support agreement, or struggling with issues of child custody or visitation, you can use the services of Roddam & MacDonald Law Office.

Divorce and Separation:
Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. In some provinces, divorce is called dissolution or dissolution of marriage. A divorce usually includes division of marital property and, if necessary, arrangements for child custody and support. It leaves both people free to marry again.

Everyone has heard horror stories about divorce, involving huge legal bills, court battles, seething resentment, and emotional scars for all involved. But divorce, while difficult, doesn't have to be such a wretched affair. Roddam & MacDonald can help.

Wills and Estate Planning:
Our other staff members assisit with the preparation of wills, estate documents.
If you don't make a will or use some other legal method to transfer your property when you die, provincial law will determine what happens to your property. It will go to your spouse and children or, if you have neither, to other relatives according to a statutory formula.

Roddam & MacDonald can help ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

Municpal Law (Bylaw Enfocement):
Our firm often represents the Town of Pictou in matters of bylaw enforcement.

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